A well-thought-out onboarding program for contractors acts as a template you can reuse many times. It allows companies to process big flows of documents with little resources and scale the process with no limitations.



Reliability and scalability

Most companies suffer administrative overheads due to paperwork and documentation storage expenses. Old-fashioned methods are messy and unreliable. Finding documents in such storages becomes mission impossible and cause growth of expenses.

In online onboarding, there is no need to see applicant in person anymore. Therefore, it is highly important to make the process smooth and easy. In easyboarding.pro, we have highly skilled usability experts who knows how to design effective and simplified enrollment processes thus making it easy for applicants to pass the whole process.

easyboarding.pro allows to design onboarding solution according to your company brand requirements. Applicant perceives our proposed solution as part of your company system and as such, gives your company prestige with a highly skilled and professional team.

Administration and storage

Less confusion and drop off

Boosts company reputation

easyboarding.pro solution is designed to manage any kind of contractor onboarding process. From simple questionnaire form to sophisticated applications with multistep approval process. easyboarding.pro team combines its experience and newest application technologies to build tailored solutions to simplify onboarding process and make it friendly

Single online platform

easyboarding.pro provides a single platform solution for online management of the entire contractor’s onboarding process: starting from contractor registration, application submission, application verification and communication with applicant. 

easyboarding.pro automatically controls the status of application, provides content based notifications via pop-ups to the user ensuring smooth application filing and submission process

You can capture and store images directly from your smart phone and manage all documents to ensure they are stored according to application process.

All user’s activities in the system are logged which ensures reliable information for audit trials and assures business process quality. Based on thorough information in the system, easyboarding.pro can produce various kinds of reports.

Intuitive user interface

Single document storage with e-signature feature

Activity log and reporting

It does not matter how complicated the application form is. Screen size adaptive design makes easyboarding.pro easy to use in any size and type of smartphone or tablet. In addition, customer can adopt interface colors and basic design patterns according to its corporate brand.

Mobile friendly design


Price quotation form

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easyboarding.pro is a subscription based Cloud platform. Please, contact our office to get a quote according to your specific needs. Our specialists will contact with you within 24 hours.

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